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Changes That Heal

The Four Shifts That Make Everything Better

and That Anyone Can Do

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Christian based growth skills group created by Dr. Henry Cloud.based on

his best-selling book.  Guided discussion by Ministry Director Rick David

Description:  This is a 5-week group consisting of 30 minutes of white board work by Dr. Cloud on Video, and 60 minutes of guided discussion with an outline.   

  • Do you find yourself circling and repeating painful experiences?

  • Do you have a hard time attaching, or do you perhaps over-attach?

  • Are you in emotional pain but can't figure out why?

  • Do you have difficulty with saying 'no' sometimes?

  • Perhaps your doing well, but would like continue to grow and mature.

We all have areas that are working and others where we struggle. You'll identify how the growth process works and the 4 personality muscles that can be healed and strengthened for use in every relationship. 

  1. The Three Elements of Growth

  2. Bonding - Learning to Attach

  3. Boundaries - Learning to Separate 

  4. Sorting out Good and Bad / Understanding Ideal vs. Real

  5. Becoming an Equal Adult, neither Superior, nor Inferior.

In a little more than a month you'll have a chalk line around what's going right in your life and how to receive grace, truth and time from God in order to heal where you're hurting, frustrated and stalled. 

NOTE: The teaching by Dr. Cloud is good and it sets a solid ground for the most important part which is the sharing.  We need both God and people on the inside of us.  As we share a little about ourselves, we're lowering the draw bridge for others to come in.  As you listen to others share, you'll find out that you are not alone in things that perhaps trouble you.  Love and kindness come in.  Vulnerability allows us to know each other, not completely, not the whole enchilada, but more.  This is God's work.  He comes in too.  Slowly you start feeling better without even realizing it.  Shame is broken.  Guilt is defeated.   The real you emerges.  You take more risks with the right people and you have life. 


Deep Life Solutions 

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Camarillo CA. 93010

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PLEASE RSVP so we can keep count for room size.  A 'maybe' is ok. If you decide last minute, it's still ok to just show up.  If you cannot attend, we will alert you to new groups as they form. 


Below is Dr. Cloud speaking on boundaries in a
Changes That Heal Conference