4-18-18 | Rhonda David, LMFT, and husband Rick were interviewed on the Camarillo City TV Channel on the program called "CityScene TV" regarding the vision and services of Deep Life Solutions. 

Raw Transcript of CityScene TV Interview with Deep Life Solutions


Welcome again to city scene TV tonight 

we're gonna be welcoming a couple of

different wonderful and terrific

organizations for you first we're gonna

find out about deep life solutions also

known as DLS which has a number of

counseling and outreach programs and

we'll be learning more about that then a

bit later we're going to learn about the

special dogs and the folks who train

them that will be in association with

our national search dog foundation but

first let's welcome Rhonda and Rick

David from DLS thank you for joining us

thank you thank you so again

DLS is an acronym for deep life

solutions Rhonda you're the founder and

CEO and the executive director of DLS

can you please share with us when DLS

was established well we are a startup

we've only really been in full throttle

for six months Wow so in September of

2017 we started with five trainee

graduate students who are learning the

field of counseling okay and with two

licensed supervisors and we started our

counseling program that's wonderful so

you're basing your solely non-profit so

you're not taking any insurance if

somebody wanted to come into the service

we are solely non-profit we actually

started out with the idea of doing doing

some low-cost counseling but as time

went on we just realized that sometimes

people just can't afford counsel

absolutely and they really need support

so we didn't want to put any

requirements on it we thought that the

best way to serve the community was to

offer it at a donation they could afford

more that donors could afford Wow

so you mentioned that you're a

counseling organization how would you

best summarize overall what DLS is all

about could you give us a quick

commercial on the services you provide

and what those entail we essentially are

a stop the violence campaign we want to

look at public violence and private

violence and try to make a difference

and the way we're doing that is

prevention we want to look at how we can

educate the community on signs of

depression signs of aggression helping

folks that are withdrawing to feel

welcome to come to our Center so we've

we've got a big idea and we're hoping

that we can not only make an impact for

ourselves but involve the community as

well yeah absolutely

sounds like such a valuable organization

very important role could you give us a

little bit of your background and what

you were doing before starting this

nonprofit so my background is I'll start

from the beginning via well not from the

very beginning but I was actually a

teenager struggling with depression

myself and what I found is I got support

through a step program that really made

a difference in my life and I just found

that the principles of 12-step being

honesty and caring for each other

being open and for me finding a

spiritual way of living was just

life-changing Wow so I went from the age

of 1415 for myself really not seeing any

worth in my life or any hope to feeling

hope again and I know that we have a lot

of teenagers and folks of all ages that

are really struggling and they're not

talking about it because of the stigma

of emotional and mental illness or just

the idea of of not wanting to burden

anyone right and so our hope is to turn

things around and make the conversation

of emotional illness mental health

issues a common occurrence so we have

folks that go to the doctor when they

have a cold and sometimes if they don't

take their vitamins and get their rest

it turns into bronchitis and it turns

into pneumonia and so I like to think of

mental health in those terms that if we

if we deal with some of our struggles

early and talk about them and get

support it doesn't turn into something

more severe so how how are you to a team

with this nonprofit your husband how

does he help out

well I've been recruited I was like any

good husband yes and I was in asst.

pastor at a local church for about 15

years and also another 15 years in

worship ministry and so on and I'm

always talking around the house about

issues and this and that and so she put

me to work running some of the groups so

we have Christian outreach as well and

so I'll run groups like changes that

he'll is one is is one title

it's run by video resources by clout and

towns and communications there's so many

video resources now so we can run a

video for 20 minutes with a group of 10

people and then have a great time

talking about the issues have some

handouts and get to know each other and

do that for eight weeks so we've got

small groups with a focus and people get

really bonded and they feel a sense of

safety there yeah and so and that's

donation as well so it's it's a really

good time so you mention groups right

you also individual services yes we do

we are we are basically a full-fledged

Counseling Center okay

our five trainees are working towards

their licensure okay we have folks that

are MSW we have LPC's licensed

professional counselors and also

marriage and Family Therapist

termination so we have a good round

experience for folks when they come in

but we offer a child therapy and couples

and also family so we try to offer a

little bit of everything but the one

things that we really would like to

encourage our groups our groups are

something that we feel are life-changing

because people get to come together I

think when we we look at public violence

means some of the shootings we've seen

absolutely and also private violence

being suicide and self-destructive

behaviors one of those common threads is

isolation and folks that aren't getting

support and so we want to create an

avenue where they can

with with our support groups that's

important that is it's critically

important we also understand that among

the several groups that you guys offer

services to you do also focus on one

group for military families is that

correct to meet you more information on

that yeah we're really excited about

this but it is different so we're hoping

that folks will will find it of value

and it's it's essentially a program for

military families vets and their

families and their friends everyone's

welcome to come it's the first and third

Wednesday of the month okay and the

format is based on the 12 steps okay so

they get an opportunity to talk about

their struggles and also the topics of

letting go the topics of finding support

from each other right and being able to

be open and honest on a different level

mmm that's really good that is so we

really like that we've we've had our

groups have already started they're

already going and we've had really good

feedback people can join it any time

it's not like there's a start and a

finish right it comes in you'll throw

them into a group yes anyone can come at

any time and we have hoped that not only

will our military support group grow but

also what we call our deep steps

programs will grow as well and that's

our military support in general

I myself have done a lot of research in

trauma-informed care I think Oprah

recently talked about it on 60 minutes

yeah and we're just finding that that

trauma behind some of these struggles is

the main issue that we want to get to so

I've done some some training and I'm

working on my certification in what they

call brain spotting which is a trauma

treatment it has some similarities to

EMDR but has a new twist okay and they

found that it's very effective to work

with post-traumatic stress disorder and

offering our military folks something in

which they can actually eject some of

this trauma as opposed to just manage it

that'll be great for our community since

we're you know we have such a huge area

that our military families here so you

have some pictures that you brought with

it so this is our military support group

we just wanted to be able to let folks

know with a nice snapshot what were what

we're looking for which is to help the

entire family and offer them all support

we have at 6:30 we have pizza time and

that's a time where they can have

someone from the community talk about a

new resource for the military and a new

way of getting support and then also we

start our meeting at 7:00 okay so this

is a picture that one of our friends

Eunice font drew she's a fantastic

artist and this shows our focus on shame

resilience which is based on dr. bernie

brown's work she's written many books

and she talks about the idea that the

way we can work through our shame issues

is by being vulnerable and because of

that we'll find a new resilience and so

we're really about that we're really

about working through things that are

shameful and uncomfortable to talk about

to find more peace okay and and this is

just a little snapshot of a reminder of

our woman's group and so these are

things that are important to us as well

and the other part that has been a

strong just outreach for us is we're at

the Boys and Girls Club and what we've

noticed as we've done our outreach there

is they have over 400 kids a day and

it's just amazing what kids really need

is the ability to learn about emotional

awareness they need to know how to focus

on feeling better about themselves and

how to cope with feelings yes because we

see again some of those violent

outbursts that we've noticed have to do

with feelings that someone does

know how to manage yeah and so we're

working on emotional awareness and we're

spending time in the teen center

educating them about how to prevent some

of these struggles from coming into

their lives so I heard you a few times

say you go to different places do you

have an actual address or a facility

that you have that you could quickly

tell us before cuz we're running out of

time yes we are at 360 Mobil Avenue okay

and we are there but we're also because

we're a non-profit we're mobile so if we

have anyone call us so we have a Senior

Center call us or Church or someone and

even they want a program you can go we

can do that we're we're gold Abul so

that's what we're really excited about

as well yes ring well thank you George

just been wonderful to hear about your

organization thank you Rick and thank

you Rhonda thank you so much thank you

for having us